Every Journey is Unique- My Story Back to Wellness

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Chronic illness takes a significant toll on all aspects of our health, psychological, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social. While wellness is a journey and not a destination, I have found no one path is for everyone. We are all so unique that even with our immense similarities, those differences shape the answers we need to find our ever-changing wellness. This blog is just a short explanation of how came to this realization and what inspired me to help you find the right tools for your Wellness Journey.

The start of my journey is like many others. I was once young, energetic, and ready to conquer my dreams. I was healthy, and as most young adults, I believed that I would be fine if I were moderately healthy in behavior. Life, though, has a way of bringing our ideals out of the clouds and into the reality of life, truths that include facts like we all age, stress isn't all in your head, we all suffer, and it's not always our fault. For me, reality hit about age 35 when I became very ill and very depressed.

I always loved helping others, and so between the ages of 21-25, I became a mom of six amazing kids. As you can imagine, going from a married couple with no kids to having six kids in a few short years took its toll on my marriage. An instant-family was not what my husband had signed up for. But he chose to stick through it with me, and I am so grateful. Surprisingly, it took me over ten years to realize that being a mom of six and a businesswoman was not within my ability to do at the same time. I came home and became a full-time mom. Still, I felt the need to be an example, and since God had provided so much, I had to give back, and I found myself volunteering for coaching positions, counseling positions, and teaching positions. I even found myself doing the odd job substitute teaching, cleaning bathrooms, and working in office jobs at the church and schools. It was a bit much, I can confidently say now, but at the time, I thought I had to be superwomen for the kids and for the husband I had dragged into my God called ministry that he did not sign up for. Is any of this sounding familiar?

I learned a lot going to counseling for the kids as they learned to adjust to a new family and the struggles that come with growing up in a broken and judgmental world- how to help the kids cope and cope myself with the anger and pain that we as parents have to face in ourselves when overstressed and worried about your family. I attended a plethora of child development classes, anger management, special needs courses, and seminars, and all of them taught me a ton, but none of it provides the energy and wherewithal to deal with the trauma that comes with giving more of yourself than you have to offer and knowing that you aren't enough for those you love. I tried to support my church and friends and fix myself, my husband, my kids, and instead of fixing things, I only managed to break myself. I was in denial the entire time until one day, I woke up and could deny it no longer. My health was gone. Physically, mentally, and emotionally I was spent. I couldn't think clearly, I didn't want to socialize at all, and all I could do was sit on my couch in constant pain, barely able to get a sentence out without my mind losing focus. I was literally dying, and no doctor could give me the answers I needed. I was desperate for help and had no idea where to go. Anything familiar yet?

As many wellness journeys begin, mine began with a need to discover answers. No traditional doctor could determine my health issues other than depression, which I needed no doctor for, and the lack of treatment or ill-treatment because of negative judgments from some of them only increased my illness. Finally, after over a year of searching for answers, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was lucky it only took a year. Many I have spoken with struggled for years before finding someone who would help them. Now that I had some answers, I could begin my fight for wellness, which meant asking lots of questions, doing a lot of medical research, listening intently to each answer, trying everything within my moral acceptance, and discovering what worked for me. If you are still reading this, chances are this all sound too familiar to you.

It has been a long journey now, and one I am still on, but I am now successfully managing my health without pharmaceuticals and find myself discovering new things about my ever-changing needs, one that involves furthering my education so I can help others like you and I who need more than a quick fix to life's effects on health. I have been greatly inspired by those who have and continue to share their knowledge, wisdom, and experience with me. My educational journey had led me to national and international certifications in Clinical Aromatherapy, a BA in Health and Wellness, and a Master's in Public Health Education. I love to study natural medicine and share the wisdom I have gained along the 20 years as a mom of over ten kids and all the lessons I learned about how no two people's wellness journey looks the same. If you are like me, ready to find your path back to wellness and seeking support, don't hesitate to reach out.

Working toward wellness, one experience at a time,

Peggy Horne

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