My Top Essential Oil Picks PLUS

People ask me, “Peggy, what oils should I have on hand at all times?

As someone who fully understands the excellent benefits of oils, this was a tricky question for me, but after considering all the benefits and also financial investments, I finally came up with a list of the top seven oils plus the ultimate blend that I think everyone can afford and should have in their home. But I couldn’t stop there. I also share my top pick for a carrier oil, and I share with you what they are best used for. Don’t forget to store them in a cool, dry place for optimal shelf life. I keep mine in my fridge, but a dark cupboard will do just fine.

My Top 7 Individual Oil Picks

Balsam Copaiba- $30.26 or $60.53 Full of Caryophyllene (B), a potent yet gentle anti-inflammatory; this amazing oil can be taken orally or topically to help with all kinds of pain and has been shown to help with anxiety when taken internally. (Always consult with a qualified health professional before taking essential oils internally).

Peppermint- $14.14 or $30.26 Full of menthol, peppermint is excellent for sore throats, soothing digestive issues, and cooling burns and rashes. It helps open up the airways when the sniffles come your way and is a fantastic mouth freshener, not only leaving a cooling scent but killing the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)- $16.45 or $33.22 Best known for its calming effect and its ability to help lull you to sleep, this oil has so much more to offer. The gentle nature of this oil’s chemical makeup allows the oil to be used neat (directly on the skin with no carrier) on even the most vulnerable skin. It is a natural expectorant and cools and calms skin irritation which is great for sunburns, and also has an anti-histamine effect helping to soothe itches from bug bites. A definite must-have for a camping trip or general outdoor living.

Frankincense (Boswellia Carterii)- $41.78 or $103.29 This gentle oil is packed with many benefits from its anti-infectious properties, including fungus. It also is antitumoral, meaning that it helps improve cell health and inhibit unhealthy cell growth. It has also been known to assist some with anxiety and stress.

Clove- $10.20 or $21.71 At the top of the antiviral list, this oil is best known for its ability to kill pain. Toothache, earache, or muscle pain, if there is a need for a warming oil, this one will do the trick. It can be irritating to the skin, so use a carrier. If applied to a cut, be ready for a sting before the pain-killing agents take effect.

Tea Tree- $ $36.This oil can assist with common infectious agents, including antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal, making it an excellent topical oil or cleanser for the home. When combined with carrier oils such as vitamin A and E, this oil is fantastic for supporting skin health like no other and has been known to help deal with all kinds of ailments from athlete’s feet, nail fungus, and eczema to staph infections and even MRSA. It is important to note that this oil, unlike some, should not be taken internally.

Oregano- $16.45 or $39.14 This oil has many benefits like most oils, but it is one of the top 10 oils for antibacterial and is terrific for helping to fight challenging to kill bacterial infections. This oil is excellent for helping prevent secondary upper respiratory infections like pneumonia, can assist with killing diseases like MRSA and staph, and when taken internally, can assist with conditions like Sibo. This oil is hot and, when used without a carrier, will burn the skin. When taken internally, be sure to limit use as it can potentially cause sensitization.

Conifer oils- you pick (but my favorite is Idaho Grand Fir ($36.51), Juniper ($47.37), or Hinoki ($34.87)-conifer or evergreen oils are remarkable for the respiratory system. They are natural expectorants, antivirals, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatories, which help keep airways clear and free of disease and may even assist with common asthma issues. They may not be the powerhouses for any individual use, but the combination of benefits and their ability to work together do wonders for breathing any time of the year not to mention the scent is divine.

My Top Blend Pick

Thieves Essential oil Blend- Lemon, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, and rosemary; this oil is a powerhouse of antivirals, antibacterial, and pain killers, among other benefits. It smells incredible to boot. If you want one oil you absolutely can’t do without, this is the one.

My Top Carrier Oil Pick

Jojoba Oil- This carrier oil is actually not even an oil at all but a liquid wax. Full of nutrients like vitamins A, E, D, and B complex, it is also full of minerals such as silicon, chromium, copper, and zinc. Ounce for ounce, this oil is one of the cheapest carriers you can purchase, and it has no expiration date. No need to worry if it will go rancid. It has a high content of iodine which helps to fight off infection. On top of these great benefits, it is so similar to your own skin’s natural oils the chances of skin irritation are, to be honest unfathomable. Of all the carriers I use in my business (and I use a lot), this is hands-down the best pick for the regular Essential Oil User.

If you want to know more about the basics of essential oil use, the book “Essential Oils 101, What every Essential Oil User Should Know” is a great option. It’s short, sweet, and packed full of helpful information for the average user. It is available on Amazon right now in paperback and Kindle.

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